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March 20, 2023 | Spending,  Financial Literacy

How to Save Money on a Spring Break Trip

Money-saving tips for spring break vacations

Spring break is almost here, and that means it’s time to look for deals. There are ways you can save on travel, you just have to be willing to do some research, be flexible with your plans, and get creative. Here are some of the best ways to save cash on spring break trips.

New Destinations

When it comes to where you go, you should think of going somewhere new and different. Flights to the most popular spring break destinations are almost always going to be more expensive than less popular spots.

Book Early

Once you decide on your destination, typically the earlier you book your flight, the better. As CNN notes, Google Flight stats show that average flight prices for a trip in March or April are lowest about 38 days prior.

Travel on Off Days

If you can travel on off days — Thursday to Thursday, Sunday to Sunday, etc. — you’ll save some cash. That goes for flights and hotels.

Shop Around

When you have an idea about where you’re going and when you’re going, you need to shop around for the best deals. Use price comparison sites like Expedia to see if you can save some money by bundling flights and hotels. If you’re renting a car, don’t just go with the first company you find. There are deals to be had in every aspect of spring break. Find them and reap the rewards.

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