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Find Your Next Car

Find your next ride with our vehicle buying service! Our mission is to help you save money on important decisions like buying a vehicle.

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Auto Loans

Not only are our rates consistently among the lowest you’ll find, you get to save even more on associated products like GAP and Mechanical Breakdown Protection.

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Personal Loans

Class Act has several personal loan options for you to choose from whether you're financing a major purchase or consolidating several loans.

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Visa Platinum Card

Our Platinum Credit Card is perfect for those who want to shop smarter and be rewarded. With our 0% introductory rate, you can take advantage of 6 months of no interest.

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Boat & RV

Whether you're looking for a new fishing boat or an RV to take a road trip, we've got you covered with our competitive rates and quick approvals.

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Solar Loans

Financing through a solar company will cost you extra. Class Act can give you solar loan pricing at the cash price of the solar panels, saving you thousands of dollars overall.

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Student Loans

A private student loan from Class Act FCU can help pay for your educational expenses that weren’t covered by your financial aid package.

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Credit Builder

Credit-builder loans are a great way for our members to establish credit age, as well as payment history - the most important credit-scoring factor.

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