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Visa Platinum Credit Card

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Low Rates AND Cash Back Rewards! Visa Platinum Credit Card

Our no annual fee, Platinum Credit Card is perfect for those who want to shop smarter and be rewarded. With our 0% introductory rate, you can take advantage of 6 months of no interest on your purchases. Rates as low as 14.50% APR APR means you'll be able to keep more money in your pocket. Earn rewards for online shopping, fueling your car, or traveling somewhere new—every time you shop, you'll earn 1% cash back, which will be deposited to your Class Act savings at the end of the year.

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Secured Visa Platinum Credit Card

A great option for members looking to develop healthy financial habits, and build credit is our Secured Visa Platinum Credit Card. This requires a cash security deposit that will act as your credit limit (minimum of $500). Your regular usage and on time payments are reported to all three credit bureaus which will help you establish credit age and payment history. After a minimum of six months, you can ask to be evaluated for a regular credit card. If approved, you get your security deposit back!

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Learn How Credit Cards Help Your Credit Score

With our widget Credit Report Card in online banking, you'll receive daily credit monitoring with alerts for major changes. Check your credit report in a readable format and learn the factors that affect your score and by how much, identify credit bureau errors and easily start disputes if you need to. At Class Act, using your Visa Platinum Credit Card effectively is a great opportunity to manage and improve your credit score. Learn how your credit usage affects your score so you can turn your credit card into a powerful tool for better numbers.

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From Our Members

"My contact/experience with everyone during this process made it extra special because everyone was attentive and responsive in their own way. All of my loan processes have been exceptional."

- Diane

Credit Card Calculators

Description Maximum Amount** Annual Percentage Rate
Visa Platinum Credit Card $25,000 as low as 14.50% APR
Maximum Amount**
Annual Percentage Rate
as low as 14.50% APR

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