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Class Act is bringing Banzai, a premium online financial literacy program, to educators and students in your area for free.

Teaching Real-World Financial Literacy

Backed by Class Act, Banzai teaches students to navigate adult financial dilemmas with real-life scenarios.

Financial literacy is a powerful tool and life changing skill that students at every grade level can benefit from. Banzai's is designed to help students develop their knowledge of budgeting, borrowing, saving, spending, and setting goals—in a fun and engaging game format.

Teaching students how to deal with real-life financial scenarios is a gift that will last forever. Class Act seeks fill that gap with cutting-edge software, interactive classroom materials, and professional presentations.

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Banzai Supports All Learning & Teaching Styles

Teach skills like budgeting, saving, and using the internet safely through a fun online game, where students can earn virtual badges to keep track and stay motivated as they master diverse financial topics.

To complement each financial literacy course, your school will receive free printed workbooks shipped directly to you. In addition, you and your students can browse the Banzai library to dive even further into financial topics. 

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It's Not Just for Schools

Banzai can also be used by adults including employees, members, families, and community business partners. Why Banzai? 

  • Banzai is used by more than 10,000 schools in all 50 states.
  • Banzai is now in 50% of high schools in the United States.
  • Banzai has been adopted nationwide by over 45,000 math, business, family and consumer science, computer, elementary, and special education teachers that are using the program in their classrooms.
  • Banzai has over 750 bank and credit union partners.
  • Banzai has millions of users across the United States. 
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How Are Schools Using it?

  1. Banzai Junior: (Elementary: Ages 8-12) A young girl starts her financial literacy journey with a goal to save enough money to purchase a new bike. Her strategy? A classic lemonade stand.

  2. Banzai Teen: (High: Ages 13-18) Follow the life of a recently graduated high school student holding a job, working long hours, and making do with what life sends

  3. Banzai Plus: (Adults: Faculty and Parents) Tackle adult financial dilemmas such as maintaining good credit, buying insurance, understanding taxes, and qualifying for a mortgage. 

Banzai for Schools Banzai for Schools

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