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Mary Ann Brumagen Scholarship

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From day one, Class Act has served the local educational community — offering valuable services to support milestone life changes. Finances can feel personal — especially when it comes to finding the means to pursue your education. That’s exactly why we offer an opportunity like the Mary Ann Brumagen Scholarship.

No one was more passionate about “people helping people” than Mary Ann Brumagen. She helped thousands of members gain the financial resources they needed to turn their brightest educational hopes into reality.

For Mary Ann, this was far more than a singular role. Her life’s work was anchored in generosity; honoring the credit union’s mission in any way she could. With diligence and dedication, Mary Ann served in every capacity throughout her career with Class Act. In every position she held, she led us forward with the very integrity and compassion Class Act values most. She served on our Board of Directors for more than 36 years, a faithful volunteer who took pride in assisting on a variety of key committees.

For a total of 51 years Mary Ann served Class Act FCU and touched thousands of lives over that time period.  She exemplified the true meaning of the credit union movement….People Helping People.  Whether you knew her as “Mary”, “Mary Ann”, “Brumagen”, “Brum” or another one of the infinite nicknames she adopted throughout the years, Mary Ann Brumagen touched the hearts of many as only she could do.  From the employees and Board members that she worked alongside every day to the members whom she would welcome into her office as often as they cared to visit, Mary Ann always had a smile on her face and a pleasantry to exchange with whomever she met.

Seeing the power one person had to make an incredible difference, we have named this scholarship after Mary Ann. We believe our members have the potential to make that impact too.


Here’s what you need to know about the Mary Ann Brumagen Scholarship

  • We give out three scholarships.

  • Each scholarship is worth $1,000.

  • We choose from a drawing done at random — so any member with an active account has a chance to win! 

  • We select our winners from the following age groups:

    • 0 to 12

    • 13 to 18

    • 19 to 24

Our only wish is to honor Mary Ann’s legacy: we want you to invest in your wildest educational dreams. Whether you want to make college feel more affordable or are dreaming about attending beauty school — this scholarship is meant to help you soar!

Take a chance on your dreams. Click here to create an account today! Take a chance on your dreams. Click here to create an account today!

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