Youth Accounts

Class Act offers youth accounts for our members from Birth to age 18. Family Roo, Kirby Kangaroo and Claim Your Youth accounts offer our young members the opportunity to prepare themselves for the real world through financial education that includes tools, tips and resources for all ages. To find which account fits your child, check the list below.

Family Roo

Logo for Family Roo Financial News

The Family Roo account is designed for children birth to 4 years of age.  The account offers a website full of advice on teaching kids about money.  It offers recommendations for fun and memorable games and activities to engage even the littlest Roo in understanding basic financial concepts.  Family Roo members will receive a quarterly newsletter along with various other resources about saving money.

Kirby Kangaroo

Logo for Kirby Kangaroo Club

The Kirby Kangaroo Club account is designed for children 5 to 12 years of age.  The account offers an educational website featuring questions and key terms to help improve their financial literacy and develop healthy habits.  Kirby Kangaroo members will have access to stories, downloadable coloring pages, quizzes, games and other fun content. They will receive a quarterly newsletter and have access to an app titled Kirby Catch and Save to aid in their financial education.

Claim Your Youth

Graphic of person in suit with a speaker in place of a head holding megaphones

The Claim Your Youth account is designed for teens 13 to 18 years of age. The account offers a website featuring tools, tips and resources for help in managing their finances. In addition, calculators are provided to help teenagers understand the importance of budgeting.

Claim Your Youth members will receive a quarterly newsletter that empowers teens and young adults to be in control of their financial future from the beginning, pushing them to understand the financial system and their place within it. They have access to articles on related topics and opportunities to contribute. Members have access to a Claim Your Youth Facebook and Twitter page to allow them to participate in surveys and polls. There is also access to videos on the Claim Your Youth YouTube channel.

Student Honors Checking

Student Checking that really pays!

You’d expect the very best student checking account from an education-based credit union, and that’s what students get with Student Honors. Students ages 16 to 24 earn rewards of high yield interest, and ATM fee refunds simply by meeting basic usage requirements. They even get one “Oops!” fee forgiveness per year. And to help them get off on the right foot, we’ll even make their first $5 deposit free just for opening a new Student Honors checking account.

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