Summer Skip-A-Pay


Give yourself a little extra room in your budget this summer by skipping your credit card payment in June, July and August! If you see a $0 minimum payment, you are eligible to skip-a-pay this month!



Q: How do I know if I qualify for the Summer Skip-A-Pay?
A: If you see a $0 minimum payment on your credit card bill you are eligible to skip your credit card payment for the month!
Q: Can I still make a payment if I want to?
A: Yes, you can still make a regular payment as normal, nothing different is required for this.
Q: Does interest continue to accrue on the credit card during this time?
A: Yes, interest will continue to accrue during this time.
Q: If I qualify in one month, can I assume that I qualify for all months?
A: No. You may not qualify in June, but then qualify in July.  We re-qualify members each month.
Q: Does the card need to have been open for a certain length of time?
A: Yes, credit cards must be open at least 180 days to qualify.
Q: If I skip my payment all summer long, will it be added to my September minimum amount due?
A: No, the September minimum amount due will be based on your September balance (which could include charges made before September), please note that accrued interest will be a part of that balance.
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