Refer a Friend


Refer A Friend

And you EACH get $25


  1. Come into a branch
  2. Pick up a referral card
  3. Fill out the front of the card
  4. Give the card to the friend that you are referring
  5. That friend will then bring the card into one of our branches and open an account for each of you to receive credit

Member’s Name: Fill out the current member’s name

Member’s branch: The branch that the current member most uses (e.g. Main, East, UofL, Doss or Southern)

Referral’s Name: The name of the brand new member.









*See the eligibility list to make sure that your friend will be eligible. Promotion ends November 30th 2019. The new account must stay open for at least 1 year or funds will be forfeited. Must have card to get credit.

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