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Here you will find tools, resources and tips on various financial topics. You can explore everything from buying your first car to planning for your retirement. Here’s to you for taking steps to increase your financial education!


Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy is an organization that promotes financial literacy at all ages. It primarily works to educate and prepare our nation’s youth for life-long financial success. They are committed to providing a broad variety of resources and personal finance education materials for groups and individuals. Click here to learn more about Jump$tart.

FoolProof Financial Education

FoolProof Financial Education is a free, highly interactive, consumer education program with materials that educate consumers of all ages about money, financial responsibility and the realities of the free enterprise system. The curriculum immerses users in extensive interactive exercises to educate them to be defensive thinkers and spenders. It emphasizes the power of adding a healthy dose of skepticism when it comes to any decision that impacts a consumer’s wallet. You can stop and start at any time and work on any device with web access. It has self-grading online modules that are interactive and interesting with resources that include interactive guides, up-to-date videos, articles and podcasts.

FoolProof Financial Education offers five financial literacy and consumer education tools through the FoolProof Foundation:

Savvy Money Checkup

In just minutes, analyze your financial situation, understand your cash flow, and know where you stand with your debt. With this simple tool, you can learn how to build a budget, compare debt payoff strategies, and get tips on how to be better with your money.

You’re just a click away from a powerful resource for getting a handle on your debt. It’s called SavvyMoney Checkup, and it’s a free member resource designed to help you have a clearer understanding of your financial health. With SavvyMoney Checkup, you’ll learn how to pay down your debt, create a personalized budget, monitor your spending, and more. You’ll even get all the resources you need to track your spending and live within your budget.

SavvyMoney Checkup takes you through an anonymous, 15-minute questionnaire to organize your information on income, debt, and expenses. Simply answer a few questions about your income and current debts. In just minutes, you will receive a thorough analysis of your financial situation, including powerful tips by leading financial experts to help you control your debt and build a budget, and start living the life you want to live. You’ll also receive suggestions as to how you can save money at the credit union.

Your privacy will be completely respected since you won’t have to disclose any personal identifying information. Best of all, it is FREE!

So, if you’re not a financial doctor, get a financial checkup by trying SavvyMoney Checkup. Soon, you’ll be on the road to a financially healthy tomorrow. Click here to get started!

Financial Tips

How to Create a Budget:

How to Improve Your Credit:

Get the answers you need through our free Credit Review Days

How’s your credit? What’s your FICO score?  What does that score even mean?  Get the answers and learn how to improve your credit and save money by attending one of our free Credit Review Days. 

Free credit review sessions are 30 minute one-on-one confidential appointments with a senior loan officer and certified financial counselor.  During the appointment we assess your goals, pull your credit report and review it in detail with you.  Understanding your credit report and how the credit score is determined are critical first steps toward improving your credit.  We can also provide you with a budget to help you reach your financial goals.  
To make an appointment email us or call 502.964.7575.

Keep your students educated through Class Act’s Classroom Presentations

Financial literacy education is an increasingly important area of focus in the classroom. Class Act is dedicated to educating the community about financial topics that are important to them.  Class Act representatives can visit your classroom to teach on a wide variety of topics such as:

If you would be interested in having a Class Act representative speak to your students about one of the topics above (or a topic of your choice), please contact us at 502.212.3190 or via e-mail. You may also click here to make your request via mail.  We will be happy to arrange a scheduled date and time that will be convenient for you.

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