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Where are all of my transactions prior to September 1st? / Where are my eStatements?

Transactions prior to September 1st of 2019 did not transfer over to the new system, however, you can access all of your transactions from the last two years in your eStatements. Watch either of the videos below to learn how to find your eStatements in online or mobile banking.

Online Banking:

Mobile Banking:


How do I find my MICR ID for electronic deposits/withdrawals?

You can find your 14-digit MICR account number for electronic (ACH) transactions from your Online Banking dashboard or within the Class Act mobile app.

From your Online Banking dashboard, select the Account widget on the left and you can find your MICR number under the Account Details tab.


How do I add a payee in Online/Mobile Banking?

You can add a payee in the Bill Pay section of the app or home banking platform. Watch the appropriate video below for more details.

Online Banking:

Mobile Banking:


How do I view a check in Home Banking?

See how you can view and even print a check in Home/Online Banking through your transaction history.


What will change with Online/Mobile Banking upgrade?

You will need to download the new app on mobile but the login for online banking will remain the same. Your username and password will stay the same as well. The look and feel of both Online and Mobile banking will be updated with a more responsive design. Many of the features will look very similar and the same, plus additional functionality will be available.


Will my Account/Member number be the same?

Yes, you will have the same Account number or Member number.


How do I find my Share or Loan ID?

You will find your unique Share/Loan ID in Online/Mobile Banking next to the title of each account. Share IDs begin with “S,” followed by four numbers. Loan IDs begin with “L,” followed by four numbers.

You will also see each your Share/Loan ID listed next to your accounts on each month-end statement.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are attempting to transfer between Class Act accounts or to another Class Act member, you will need the Account ID, the Share/Loan ID, and the first two letters of the account holder’s last name in order to initiate the transfer. 


Is my credit card due date changing?

No. Although the credit card statements will be cut early, your due date will remain the same. 


Will my Online Banking password be the same?

Yes. You will use the same username and password for Online and Mobile Banking.


How do I authenticate my device?

When you log into your mobile banking account, you may be asked to authenticate your device. See the video below to learn how to go through the steps of authentication. Make sure that you do not log out of mobile banking throughout this process or you will need to start over.


Quicken Users

If you are a Quicken, Quickbooks, or Mint user, you will need to modify your settings to ensure a smooth transition of your data.

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to export all necessary information before Online Banking goes offline at 12:00 PM (EDT) on Saturday, August 31st.

Please make sure your contact info is up-to-date to ensure you receive all relevant information. We will be sending out emails and updating this page periodically with more information as we get closer to the upgrade. Check back regularly for more details. 


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