Sylena Fishback – Hero of Education

Sylena Fishback is the Director of the Volunteer Talent Center for JCPS. She has been working in this position for about 18 months and also has a wealth of experience working in other areas of education. Sylena has been charged with the responsibility of managing many of the programs that we, as a community hold near and dear because of the impact that they have on our students. For instance, Everyone Reads, Clothing Assistance, and Gifted Girls are just a few of the programs that Sylena oversees. Gifted Girls is a relatively new program that Sylena developed that focuses on 3rd – 5th grade girls in about 20 different schools in the city. The goal is to develop good character and leadership skills in these young women and to enable them to have a voice in the community. Sylena has been a Class Act member since the beginning of her career at JCPS and we are honored to be able to work with her as a community partner.



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