Stacy Hieb – Hero of Education

Stacy Hieb is a Read To Achieve teacher at Taylorsville Elementary. During her many years teaching, she has been the President of the Education Association and she has led Family Literacy Nights for students and their families. After over 30 years of teaching, Stacy has seen her students grow up to become adults. Even years after graduating, they still love to read, even though they may have hated reading before Mrs. Hieb entered their lives.

Stacy talks about how rewarding it can be to teach a student to love to read and through that love, see them improve. In many cases, these students progress much faster than expected. They are often quick to go back to their regular classrooms and read aloud with the other students.

Beyond her classroom, Stacy continues to lead Family Literacy Nights at Taylorsville Elementary with Class Act. These events get even the parents and families involved in their children’s lives, and in their reading. Over the years, they have had the chance to see celebrities like Cat in the Hat and Santa Claus. This makes for a great night full of fun and food for free.

Stacy has been a devoted member of Class Act for 32 years.


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