Milessa Barnes – Hero of Education

Milessa Barnes is the Family Resource Coordinator at Rangeland Elementary, and she has been a Class Act member for over 24 years. Milessa has been at Rangeland long enough to see her “kiddos” grow up to be adults with kids of their own. Even after so many years, she is still speaking into the lives of a wide range of children – many of whom come with difficult stories of their own, in many cases inspiring them and letting them know that they do have the ability to reach their dreams.

Milessa practices the “power of yet” with the students at Rangeland. She explains that, although they may be struggling with a particular topic now, they just don’t have it down “yet”. They just need to keep working on it but they will get it one day. We can’t wait to see what is still YET to come for this Hero of Education.




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