Bryce Hibbard – Hero of Education

Bryce Hibbard recently became the principal of Christian Academy of Louisville Middle School at the English Station campus. He comes to them with a wealth of experience at other schools through Jefferson County Public Schools and across the country. He has worked in many facets of education including teaching, coaching, and acting as principal. In fact, Mr. Hibbard was principal at Southern High School when Class Act built the student branch at Southern. He was instrumental in that project and has been a great friend to Class Act and a member of the credit union for 22 years.

Mr. Hibbard had no vacation between jobs because he wanted to be there, at CAL, on day one. His fervor and enthusiasm was evident as he discussed his plans for the school moving forward. Although CAL is already a Blue Ribbon school, there is always more that can be done to improve. Hibbard discusses his plans to ease the transition of new students, and to “make students the center” in the classroom. With kids distracted by everything in the modern world with social media, Hibbard stresses the importance of keeping them “engaged” and allowing them to take initiative. This is evident in a recent project that students of CAL Middle School spearheaded to raise support for victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Projects like this exemplify the culture that Hibbard is trying to create at CAL with his new theme of JOY – Jesus, Others, Yourself. He stresses the importance of keeping priorities in that order so that students are focused on Jesus first, others second, and themselves third in a world today that says “it’s all about me.”

It is clear that Mr. Hibbard has a passion for the future of these students and the know-how to prepare them for what’s to come. That’s why he is a hero in education. Watch the video for the full story.



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