Mini Branch @ Shelby

We are excited to share that last week marked the beginning of the Shelby Elementary Traditional Academy Star Bucks program with Class Act!

On Thursday, September 7th, we opened the teller lines to Shelby Elementary students so that they could deposit their Star Bucks paychecks. Right now, there are 5 qualified, Shelby Elementary students who have been trained as tellers. They know how to make simple transactions like deposits and withdrawals and they even know how to open new accounts!

This branch differs from any of our others, as it takes only Star Bucks rather than U.S. dollars. Students at Shelby can earn these dollars through good behavior, attendance, and putting forth good effort. Every two weeks they receive a paycheck that they can then deposit at the Class Act Mini Branch.

Once these students have saved up enough Star Bucks, they can by rewards like water bottles, games, and toys. Through this year the students will learn how to manage their money, save, and be rewarded for their patience. They will even know how to handle transactions so that they are better prepared for the real world.

See the video below of footage from the opening day!

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