What?! An Overdraft!?!

Sounds like you need a little Extra Credit!! There’s nothing more embarrassing or frustrating than discovering an overdraft. Worse, they can be costly. Besides our modest NSF fee, merchants also charge additional fees for returned checks. But don’t worry, your Credit Union has the solution to help reduce the frequency of such events and limit the damage when they do.

You can earn “Extra Credit” by opening an overdraft line of credit. When an overdraft occurs, Extra Credit steps in to cover it. It’s an affordable way to avoid the fees and hassle of a bounced check. There is no cost to set up Extra Credit overdraft protection. Finance charges are assessed only if and when an advance is made from your line of credit. The sooner the balance is paid, the less it costs. And you can pay it conveniently with Express Line or CyberBranch@Home.

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